A Weekend in Door County: FAll 2019

Guy’s, this trip was the best. If you know me you know I love all things fall. And for us Wisco folks, Door county is the “it” place, come September/October. My birthday being in October I decided I finally wanted to pull the trigger and go. I turned the big “25”, which really means a whole lot of nothing. Well besides copious amounts of overthinking what you haven’t done with your life thus far and you can finally rent a car, wahoo! 😛

7 Places I Want to Travel to Before I’m 30

7 Places I Want to Travel to Before I’m 30. Oh Hawaii. Nearly perfect weather year round, beaches of all kinds, the friendliest people, and awesome food? How can I not have it on my list. Not only would I love to bum on the beach but I would also love to go scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, go to a luau, and maybe take a surfing lesson. …It’s safe to say I at least need a week in Hawaii, minimum.

48 Hours in Manchester, England

Manchester was never really a city I thought about going to. That was until I met Christian. Being an avid soccer and Manchester United fan he dreamed about going to Old Trafford to see Manchester United play on their own turf. Christmas was coming and I had been working loads of hours. I thought to myself, if I can give somebody a trip of their dreams, I can get away AND I can go abroad for my first time ever, with someone I love, why not?

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