Colorado Getaway: Denver/Fort Collins

About a year ago I created this list titled “7 Places I Want to Travel to Before I’m 30“. This list consists of overseas destinations and destinations spread across the US. Out of the US locations, Colorado was one that made the list. I had been to Colorado once before, but I had strictly stayed in downtown Denver, so this time around I wanted to see more. Now, due to COVID restrictions and wildfires burning, this was going to be hard, but I was determined to get out of Wisconsin at least one more time this year. Trying to eliminate risk factors of contracting COVID, we hopped in our car and drove trough the night instead of flying. This worked in our benefit for two reason. One: We had decided on a more scenic Denver CO for the first 2 days and a scenic Fort Collins CO for the remainder of our stay, so having our jeep was a great decision. Two: Traveling with a toddler can be tricky, so driving while he was asleep solved all tantrum, meal, and potty stop issues. None the less, if you are looking for a little guide to Colorado, look no further. Here’s what we did:

A Weekend in Door County: FAll 2019

Guy’s, this trip was the best. If you know me you know I love all things fall. And for us Wisco folks, Door county is the “it” place, come September/October. My birthday being in October I decided I finally wanted to pull the trigger and go. I turned the big “25”, which really means a whole lot of nothing. Well besides copious amounts of overthinking what you haven’t done with your life thus far and you can finally rent a car, wahoo! 😛

7 Places I Want to Travel to Before I’m 30

7 Places I Want to Travel to Before I’m 30. Oh Hawaii. Nearly perfect weather year round, beaches of all kinds, the friendliest people, and awesome food? How can I not have it on my list. Not only would I love to bum on the beach but I would also love to go scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, go to a luau, and maybe take a surfing lesson. …It’s safe to say I at least need a week in Hawaii, minimum.

48 Hours in Manchester, England

Manchester was never really a city I thought about going to. That was until I met Christian. Being an avid soccer and Manchester United fan he dreamed about going to Old Trafford to see Manchester United play on their own turf. Christmas was coming and I had been working loads of hours. I thought to myself, if I can give somebody a trip of their dreams, I can get away AND I can go abroad for my first time ever, with someone I love, why not?

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