7 Places I Want to Travel to Before I’m 30


Oh Hawaii. Nearly perfect weather year round, beaches of all kinds, the friendliest people, and awesome food? How can I not have it on my list. Not only would I love to bum on the beach but I would also love to go scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, go to a luau, and maybe take a surfing lesson. …It’s safe to say I at least need a week in Hawaii, minimum.

Yellowstone National Park, Montana/Wyoming

This is a new one within the last year. I guess I never really thought about National parks too much until I saw pictures a friend posted on Facebook that were, STUNNING. I want to go mid fall. It seems right up my ally. I think staying in a cozy cabin while visiting would be really fun.


I lumped these two together because when I visit one, I want to drive to the other. Portland interests me because I’m super into food trucks and I hear Portland, Oregon is, like, food truck heaven. There is also some outdoorsy stuff I’d like to do too, like hiking and kayaking. Seattle is the obvious touristy reasons and if I’m only a short four hour drive away, I’m gonna do both. I definitely want to go to Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and hit up a few wineries. If I’m lucky and have time to kill hiking the enchantments would be AMAZING.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Who doesn’t want to go to New Orleans at least once in there lifetime? Killer food, great music, good vibes. Sign me up for a weekend.


I didn’t add a specific city to this because there are SO many worth seeing, especially depending on the time of year. Technically I have already been to Colorado but it was a short couple days in Denver and I didn’t see much outside of downtown. I would like to revisit Denver and visit new cities/towns like Aspen, Boulder, Durango, ect. Christian is from Colorado so having my own personal tour guide would be pretty dope, let’s be real.


Um hello, I’m a Pastry Chef. OF COURSE I want to go to France. I’d love to slowly eat my way through Paris one croissant at a time. Don’t even judge me.


Last but not least, Bali. Bali has been on my list for yearsss. Now that I think about it, it’s probably #1 place I want to go in my lifetime. That’s pretty major right? Who knows, maybe I’ll save it for a honeymoon someday when I get married, but ya know, maybe not. I think if I can suck up how much flight tickets cost (yikes) it would be the trip of my dreams. I’d love to bum on the beach all day eating tropical fruits and sipping on boozy drinks. Even if I don’t get there before 30, I’ll get there. There’s no way I can miss out on this beauty.

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