My First Month of Motherhood

My sweet baby boy has arrived. He is everything I imagined and even more. You truly don’t know how much you can love until you become a mother. You immediately become protective, intuitive, and selfless over night. In just a month your cute little blob of a human (sorry Ollie Bear) becomes your life.

The days and nights blur together by the continuos motions of feeding, burping, tooting, cuddling, picture taking, diaper changing, crying (on both parties), giggles, and NOT sleeping (again on both parties).

Does anybody else feel bad for letting their child “cry it out”? Because I sure do. Two minutes and I’m flying in to save the day.

I feel like motherhood has made me an entirely new person. Well, maybe not entirely new. But definitely a lot of “newness” is flying around no doubt.

You just “feel” different. And probably even look different. I know I do. Aside from being perpetually exhausted, the outfit you’ve been wearing for two days is considered “clean” because it doesn’t have puke on it and still carrying around 25 extra pounds of baby weight, you actually feel different in a good way.

You suddenly don’t care about missing out on a night out because you rather be home with your baby. You’re not grossed out by being puked, pooped, or peed on. You think baby farts are cute. You leave them with someone else for two hours and you can’t wait to get home to see them. You’re protective beyond belief. You’re more loving, caring and affectionate. Small things don’t matter anymore. Every moment is now being cherished. You appreciate life. A simple little smile can make your entire day.

If I could give any words of advice for new moms I would say two things:

  1. It’s okay to be scared. It’s a learning experience for both you and your baby. It’s new for both of you. You have to do things at your own pace to what you feel comfortable with. Don’t ever feel pressured by what other people did or are doing. Ultimately it’s your child. You are entitled to raise them however you choose.
  2. Teamwork Teamwork Teamwork. Sometimes you need help. Sometimes you just need a break. Whatever it is, ask for it. Tag team a diaper change. Switch off feedings. Rotate shifts in the middle of the night. Babies are a lot of work and it doesn’t make you a bad mom to want a break. I love my baby to death, but sometimes come 5:30pm and he’s been a little turd all day, mom needs 20-30 minutes, maybe even an hour to re-coop or if I’m really lucky, take a shower (you’ll learn the small victories). I cannot thank my boyfriend enough for being my teammate in this. And if you’re a single mom, ask a friend, ask a parent. You need your time girl.

Needless to say first month of motherhood has been a whirlwind experience of joy, laughter and a lot of poop, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

I love you Oliver Thomas. I can’t wait to see what month two brings.

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