Oliver’s 2nd Birthday

My baby boy turned TWO and I can’t handle it. I mean, his birthday was three months ago(😅 )and I’m still in disbelief. Time has clearly gotten the best of me with Ollie Bean’s birthday, our trip to California, my dad passing away, starting a new product business, breaking my foot, AND a trip to Colorado for a wedding. Good grief! But, I’m back with lots of built up content to share with you all, since well, I’ve been pretty immobile.😆 Plus side to everything, right?

Oliver’s 2nd birthday party was such a great day. Considering it was only mid March, it actually turned out to be an incredibly beautiful day outside and almost everyone was able to make it, even despite COVID circling around. What a lucky little dude!

Per Oliver’s request we had a dinosaur themed birthday party, which I presume, will happen many more times in years to come. He got some pretty cool gifts too, including this miniature John Deer tractor to match Papa’s. Granted he doesn’t quite get the concept and still wants to ride the “big” one, but we’ll get there 😆

When it came time for food I, of course, couldn’t go easy. I don’t know why I’m like this lol. I was probably an event planner in another life because I have ZERO chill when it come to throwing a “small” party. I continuously brushed it off as “not a big deal” to everyone when, in fact, I was secretly up at night scouring the internet for all things Dino.

The party table consisted of “dinosaur eggs”, “bones and claws”, carnivore snacks and herbivore snacks, a dinosaur chocolate cake, dinosaur dirt cups, and last but not least dinosaur “fossil” cookies. Oh, and let’s not forget we also served lunch. No one leaves my house hungry 😂

Happy 2nd Birthday Ollie Bean! We love you ❤️

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