Apple Cider Old Fashioned

With the election votes still being counted, this week has felt extremely long and drawn out. Since Tuesday I’ve been obsessivly checking my phone without prevail. Originally I had decided, in order to get me through election night, I needed a cocktail. Since it’s now Friday, and we still have no outcome, I’ve had this cocktail more times than I’d like to admit.. That being said, this sh*t is good ya’ll. I wanted to create something that felt like fall in a glass, but not have it be hot beverage. I didn’t really want mulled wine, or a hot toddy (I have a thing with hot cocktails), but I still wanted it to feel “warm”. While brainstorming, I thought why not create something using up all the apples I have left from the orchard and use up the Instant Pot Spiced Apple Butter I made a few weeks back. Brilliant.

Blackberry-Thyme Gin Smash

Saturday’s call for cocktails, because let’s face it, you survived another week during this crazy unprecedented time. Hooray! Cheers to that! Although we are stuck at home one of my favorite cocktails to order when I’m out are “smashes”. They typically include fresh fruit and herbs which are both wins in my book. Score. Today I wanted to create the experience at home and do sort of another transitional flavor combination for fall, before I jump in the deep end with all things apple and pumpkin. For this post I decided to pair fresh blackberries with thyme, and guys… game changer for drinks in this house. Sort of bright meets warm flavors, the best of both worlds. Basically, I’m now a self proclaimed mixologist. And honestly, I’m not mad about it. Fresh blackberries and sweet blackberry jam, smashed together with thyme leaves, lemon juice, gin, and sparkling water. This makes for a simple yet delicious fall cocktail.

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