Coconut Cream Pie

Do you every find yourself thinking man, has this been a WEEK, and it’s only Monday? That’s how my day has been. Things just seem to get crazier and crazier with everything going on in the world. I find myself often thinking about ways to escape from all of this. Can I move to Australia? Sweden perhaps? Maybe I’ll just stay indoors and not go anywhere. Maybe I’ll say screw it and do whatever I want to. Unfortunately none of these options are logical. My mind is just strongly craving normalcy. Is anyone else’s? How are you all coping with the world around us? For me, when things seem to get a little chaotic around me, I like to enter my zen place. The kitchen. I find it very calming and a bit of an escape from reality. I bake and create whatever I feel at any given moment with no influence from anyone else. If you think about it, dessert is completely unnecessary to survive. It’s sole purpose is to bring joy to yourself and to others. I love that.

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