Oliver’s Nursery

Well, this only took me 3 years to post, but I’m excited to FINALLY share Oliver’s Nursery with you. With Oliver transitioning to a “big boy bed” I figured now, if ever, would probably be the time. (Everything I have linked below is either the exact item or one that is very similar, a few are antiques). Initially the theme of Oliver’s bedroom was going to be a “woodland animal theme” but last minute I decided to transition it more into a “safari/explorer” theme. I wanted his room to be more neutral in color and something that he could grow with.

Oliver’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Oliver! I can’t believe how crazy fast the first year went. It’s kind of insane. I feel like everyday he is learning something new. He’s so smart, so smiley and so beyond sweet. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it has been watching him grow, watching him laugh and watching him learn to scoot, crawl and walk. One of my favorite parts of watching my baby boy morph into a toddler is watching those tiny little wheels turning in his head. Watching him figure out how to open a door, how to walk from one side of the room to the other, exploring and testing his boundaries, and pointing to people by name. It is truly incredible. My little tiny human isn’t so tiny anymore. And while a big piece of me is sad, the other piece of me is so beyond excited to watch him grow into a handsome little boy. He stole my heart on day one and continues to do so everyday. Oliver has truly turned ordinary into extraordinary.

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