Oliver’s 2nd Birthday

My baby boy turned TWO and I can’t handle it. I mean, his birthday was three months ago(😅 )and I’m still in disbelief. Time has clearly gotten the best of me with Ollie Bean’s birthday, our trip to California, my dad passing away, starting a new product business, breaking my foot, AND a trip to Colorado for a wedding. Good grief! But, I’m back with lots of built up content to share with you all, since well, I’ve been pretty immobile.😆 Plus side to everything, right? Oliver’s 2nd birthday party was such a great day. Considering it was only mid March, it actually turned out to be an incredibly beautiful day outside and almost everyone was able to make it, even despite COVID circling around. What a lucky little dude!

Blueberry Lemon Angel Food Cake

Happy Sunday Ya’ll! Did anyone do anything fun this weekend? Oliver and I had a super chill weekend and stayed home for most of it. It’s been pretty rainy and dreary all day with not much to do. However, I did make this beautiful Blueberry Angel Food Cake which just screams SUMMER. I couldn’t let blueberry season come to an end without creating something with fresh blueberries just one more time. Don’t get me wrong, I have frozen A LOT, and I love making syrups and jams, but something about the burst of a fresh picked blueberry in your mouth is something you can’t experience in the winter. Sure, you can still find blueberries, but they tend to be underripe and let’s face it, extremely over priced.

Oliver’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Oliver! I can’t believe how crazy fast the first year went. It’s kind of insane. I feel like everyday he is learning something new. He’s so smart, so smiley and so beyond sweet. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it has been watching him grow, watching him laugh and watching him learn to scoot, crawl and walk. One of my favorite parts of watching my baby boy morph into a toddler is watching those tiny little wheels turning in his head. Watching him figure out how to open a door, how to walk from one side of the room to the other, exploring and testing his boundaries, and pointing to people by name. It is truly incredible. My little tiny human isn’t so tiny anymore. And while a big piece of me is sad, the other piece of me is so beyond excited to watch him grow into a handsome little boy. He stole my heart on day one and continues to do so everyday. Oliver has truly turned ordinary into extraordinary.

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