The Perfect Baby Shower

Baby is coming!

I feel like you’re either a person that super loves baby showers with all their games and activities or you’re a person, like myself, that thinks the games are stale and doesn’t care for rooms filled with only estrogen. (Sorry gal pals).

This is why my shower was perfect for me.

I had a co-ed shower with both Christian and I’s close friends and family members.

Christian’s mom planned fun games that everyone would enjoy, like chugging beer from bottles and diaper pong.

My place of employment was super kind to let me have my shower in one of the event rooms so I had complete creative control to make all the desserts for it.

I of course got a little carried away. But, hey, it was my first and last shower. I had to be a little ‘extra’ for it. Plus it gave people something to do while gift opening was happening.

Gift opening is always uncomfortable, right? It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. That’s why I made Christian open up gifts with me. I didn’t want to awkwardly sit there alone thanking people for gifts I knew I was getting, that AREN’T for me.

“Thanks he’ll love it!” Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Joking aside, Oliver received so many incredible gifts. Our hearts were so full at the end of the day and couldn’t thank everyone enough.

And even though my mom gave away all the cute penguins we bought, yes I needed all seven (still salty), I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It’s so magical celebrating a life that you created, seeing how loved by everyone he is already.

I can’t wait to meet my little peanut.

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